Source: News Bharati English15 Nov 2016 13:55:21

Kremlin, November 15: Russian President Vladimir Putin called U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to congratulate him with a message to discover various possibilities for improving relations in the future.

Russian foreign ministry statement says: “During the conversation, Putin and Trump not only acknowledged current U.S.-Russia relations as highly unsatisfactory, but also called for joint work to normalize ties towards constructive cooperation on a wide range of issues.”

“Pragmatic, mutually beneficial co-operation” between the two countries would be of interest to the world’s security.

Trump and Putin agreed on joining efforts to fight international terrorism and discussed peacemaking in Syria, according to the statement. Both leaders agreed that boosting mutual economic trade is important for bilateral ties.

Under Barack Obama’s administration, U.S.-Russia relations slid to their worst level since the Cold War amid economic sanctions against Russia for annexing Crimea and contradictions over Syrian peacemaking. Putin agreed to maintain phone contact with Trump and arrange a meeting in person in the future, the Kremlin said.

Trump told Putin that he’s “very much looking forward to having a strong and enduring relationship with Russia and the people of Russia,” according to the Trump statement.

Earlier, Putin had praised Trump as a “colorful” personality during the election campaign and welcomed his pledge to improve the relationship with Moscow.
Trump has said he’s willing to work with Putin on fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.