Source: News Bharati English16 Nov 2016 16:26:46

New Delhi, November 16: At the start of the winter session of Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that when all the parties work together then decisions are taken quickly and provide good results. “The Government believes in debating every issue in an open manner, as this sets the stage for very good decisions,” he said while interacting with media outside the parliament building.
He also informed that the winter session of parliament will discuss all topics. “I am sure we will have good debates on various issues, parties will present their views on issues. We will talk about people's aspirations.” said PM. PM also hoped that all parties will support to run the parliament sessions smoothly.

PM Modi said that it is hoped that every party will contribute in a good manner. Every party will try to complete the proposed work of the government. He said that government hold discussion with every party before the sessions. Government is ready to discuss on every topic. We hope that important decision will be taken in this session.    

PM concluded by thanking all the parties for successfully passing the GST and other bills in the last parliament sessions. He said, “During last session, Parliament passed the important decision like GST and moved forward the dream of the nation. I thank all the parties for it”.