Source: News Bharati English16 Nov 2016 12:30:03

New Delhi, November 16: First days of the winter session was predictably stormy as the Congress Party which has denied by the people of the nation on the charges of corruption, black money and unrelenting scams, is accusing the government of not giving proper time to ‘manage’ the currency in hand.

Congress MP Anand Sharma tried to attack the government on the baseless allegations than to make some strong and valid points. He asked the government to tell the Law which gives govt the right to prevent us from accessing our own money.

Sharma’s attack was restricted to personal allegations on PM Modi saying that an atmosphere has been created by Govt where questioning the Govt has become the parameter to decide one's nationalism.

Govt has the list of those holding black money in Swiss Bank; we demand that PM must tell who all are there in the list. I condemn PM's statement in Goa for mocking the people who are standing in queues; he must apologise, said Sharma.

Unfortunately, the points raised by Congress were a waste of time. Sharma said that all from the government have become surgeons without making any surgery and in each topic, the government is doing surgical strike. He also took a jibe at new currency saying that he Rs 2000 currency note changes its colour and its just like the wrapper of ‘churan pudia’.