Source: News Bharati English17 Nov 2016 19:11:50

While the entire country is siding with the Prime Minister supporting his decision to demonetizing denomination currency notes and happily enduring the pangs of development the opposition parties have united against the Prime Minister, nay against the country and shamelessly supported corruption.

This is a very strange situation where national interest, national security, national pride do not mean anything to the opposition thirsty for Prime Minister Modi’s blood. It is this ‘anti-Modism’ that is driving these opposition leaders to the extent of equating martyrs of Uri with those who died of heart attacks standing in a queue for exchanging their old currency notes!

Shame on such leaders!!  

It is true that the government was expected to make ‘full-proof’ arrangements before going for demonetization exercise. It did, but in a country like ours, there are bound to be some lacunae, some discrepancies and loopholes. People have responded to the Prime Minsiter’s appeal to bear such inconveniences for ‘achche din’. They are not complaining because they do not have any black money or undisclosed source of money.

It is those who have stashed such unaccounted currency in their chests, are raising a hue and cry on the decision. For, their money is just reduced to a heap of a waste paper demolishing all their dreams, plans and mathematics of electoral politics. Congress, BSP, SP, TMC, Shiv Sena, all of them joined hands against this move.

Shiv Sena, a partner of NDA has played a foul game of siding with the TMC in their march to the President’s House and shamelessly demanded roll back of the demonetisation move. By doing so it has forfeited its right to be in the government. Will its MPs and Ministers resign forthwith?

These “Modi-blood thirsty” leaders have not allowed the Parliament to function from the day it began its winter session resulting in colossal loss of national wealth and time. Why should they be allowed to waste the precious time of the popular government? Why no disciplinary action be initiated against them? Who gave them right to bring in chaos and disturb the development process of the country?

Mamta, Kejriwal addressed the rally in New Delhi giving a three-day ultimatum to the Modi government to roll back demonetisation order. Mayawati and Mulayam, Gulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma of the Congress and Sitaram Yechuri of the CPM too launched a frontal attack on the Modi government.

The Union Information Minister M Venkaiah Naidu had rightly compared the implementation of this demonetisation move with the labour pains a mother faces. He said, “A mother undergoes huge labour pain while giving birth to a child. But when she hears the first cries of the newborn, she feels the greatest joy”.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitely has announced that over 22500 ATMs in the country will be functioning regularly throughout the country. Remaining ATMs will be made available within short period to the people. The government is taking measures to ease out the pressure on the people and machinery handling this situation. The Supreme Court also rejected the petition demanding scrapping of this revolutionary move and directed the government to make necessary arrangement for the people.

This revolutionary move announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8 has achieved the following in one stroke:

  1. The decision forced out 100 per cent fake currency out of the circulation
  2. It has demolished the Hawala trading, and the funding sources of terrorism, Naxalism, Maoism, Jihadi violence etc.
  3. The cash already with the terrorists, Naxalists, Maoists and Jihadist have gone waste with one stroke.
  4. Situation in Jammu and Kashmir is back to normal as stone-pelting has stopped.
  5. Jan Dhan accounts are full with money.
  6. Over Rs. three lakh crore deposited in the banks in first couple of days.
  7. Defaulters are clearing their long pending telephone, electricity, etc. bills
  8. Fiscal deposit is expected to reduce.

Congress has ruled the country and that too for a long time. They have not taken any effective step against corruption and black money. On the contrary, they encouraged it. All the scams have taken place in the period of the Congress government. Now Narendra Modi government has taken some steps to eliminate corruption and fake currency these Congress leaders are raising a hue and cry.

Do they feel that protecting black money and fake currency is their fundamental right? Supporting terrorists and separatists is their fundamental right? Then why they are opposing this decision taken in the interest of the country?

The role of media is also under the shadow of doubt. Barring some television channels, most channels have busied them in projecting how the decision of the government went wrong, how the people are made to suffer on account of this ‘Tughlaki decision’ and so on.

Even if people standing in a queue are denying that they faced any inconvenience or even if they had to they did not mind it because it was for the country and its development, these news channels and newspapers went on reporting how the government had neglected the basic facilities to them.

I feel the common man of this country must now come forward to expose these leaders and their supportive media channels and newspapers. They have the right to show the right place to these ‘anti-development’ leaders and break the nexus. The common citizens are mentally prepared to bear some inconveniences in the interest of the nation because they are honest and live with honesty. It is these dishonest leaders who are proving a stumbling block in the process of development. We must show them the door. The time has come for this.