Orange smog alert issued for China as air pollution increases
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 17-Nov-2016

China, November 17:  China’s enviornmental authority forecast haevy air pollution from Wednesday to Sunday in Northern China. Authorities in Beijing warned that heavy pollution will persist this week. This warning came in the form of an orange alert which is the second highest in a four-tier system for air pollution. The alert will be effective from Thursday midnight.

Kindergartens, primary and middle schools were advised to cancel outdoor activities. There was no word on such an advisory for Beijing's high schools, which focus mainly on indoor test preparation.

Construction sites that dot the ever-expanding city were targeted by authorities for the exhaust, dust and other pollution they add to the already toxic mix in the air.

The Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center acknowledged that the city's air was likely to worsen as the coal-powered winter heating system kicks in across northern China.

The ministry said it has sent inspection teams to relevant localities to make sure proper response measures are taken.The warning system is one way authorities are attempting to clean up China's dirty air after decades of breakneck economic growth that led to the construction of hundreds of coal-fired power plants and soaring vehicle ownership.