Source: News Bharati English18 Nov 2016 18:41:27

Moscow, Nov 18: Expressing hope for the improvement in relations with the new US President the head of the External Relations Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion opined that American people have voted for a change in electing Donald Trump as their next President.

Speaking in an interview with Interfax he reflected on the result of the elections in the United States, where the campaign was characterised by a strong Russian presence, accused of interfering in a different way, in the appointment at the polls.

Hilarion stressed that the US presidential elections were a domestic affair of the USA, but revealed he had followed the election day in the US media such as CNN, “with great interest”, where “the commentators were shocked and tried to find an explanation” to the fact that the victory of the Republican candidate over Hillary Clinton was materializing.

The AsiaNews quoted the Metropolitan as saying, “Someone blamed the FBI director, others said that the culprit was Russia,” referring to allegations by several parties that Moscow hired hackers to discredit Clinton and her party.

But according to the head of the Russian Patriarchate diplomacy, the most important aspect of this election was “the Middle East question.”

“American policy in the Middle East, starting from the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and to the recent events in Syria, was, in my view, shortsighted and wrong. Overthrowing the regimes that existed in the Middle Eastern countries one after another, allegedly in the name of democracy, America did not lead the region to democracy or prosperity. On the contrary, it provoked chaos, a mass exodus of civilians, and genocide of ethnic and religious minorities. Terrorists from the so-called “Islamic State” would not be so successful in Syria and Iraq if they did not get international support”, he said.

According to the Metropolitan, “Trump spoke about all these things directly and clearly. He criticised the American government for its Middle Eastern policy, for giving up alliance relations with Russia. And the people of America heard him”.

Hilarion said that the time will show what kind of president Donald Trump will be, whether he will fulfil the promises that he gave during the election campaign. But his election gives hope for improvement of the entire system of international relations, for the creation of a unified global coalition against terrorism, he added.

Immediately after the victory of Trump, Patriarch of Moscow Kirill sent his congratulations to the newly elected Head of State.

Kirill wrote in his message that the world was facing serious challenges today and the USA have an important role to play in responding to them. He further said that it was only through the concerted efforts that people could oppose extremism and terrorism and defend the fundamental values of the lofty moral ideals, upon which the human rights and dignity are based.

Donald Trump is a Christian Presbyterian. In his staff that took him to victory, included several Protestant and Orthodox Christians