Source: News Bharati English20 Nov 2016 14:53:04

Jaipur, November 20: Tarek Fatah, a Canadian writer with Pakistani origin participated at the ‘Jaipur Dialogues’ event in Jaipur. He appreciated PM Modi’s decision to demonetize 500 and 1000 currency notes saying, “

Tarek claimed that the decision to demonetize has badly affected Pakistan sponsored terror activities against India and flow of counterfeit currency has been terminated. He said, “It is a very good decision. It is the first demonetization in digital era and will transform the lives of people.”

He also said that according to the current changing scenario in digital era demonetization will make sure that the vendors will also ask for digital business transaction sin future. Similarly, he also appreciated India’s decision to not seal the borders and to continue trade relations with Pakistan despite of Pakistan irrelevant actions.

Tarek is known for his outspoken behavior and his strong anti-Pakistan remarks. He said Pakistan is not worth being respected, they use their energy in educating Muslims against Hindus. And since India does not aim to spread such negativity, Indians are blessed with morality and integrity to respect Humanity.

Expressing his negative views against Pakistan he said that Indians who want good relationship with Pakistan should be made learn about the reality of that country “Such people should be exposed. Those who live in India and hate India do not deserve to live here and they should be kicked out.”

Speaking about India’s heritage he later said “India has not used its soft power to its full potential and the young generation now feels a disconnected to ancient Indian tradition and culture which needs to be addressed.”