Source: News Bharati English23 Nov 2016 09:30:36

New Delhi, November 23: Appreciating the probationers of Indian Ordnance Factories Service and Indian Telecom Service, for their selection and appointment in their respective services, after having cleared prestigious examinations President, Pranab Mukherjee said that it gave him pleasure that they have by choice decided to opt for a career as public servants dedicated to serve the cause of India and its people.He said, “More than anything else, 3 I’s i.e. Integrity, Innovation and India should be at the heart of their thoughts and actions.” It will be extremely important for them to have integrity of purpose, innovation in action and the interests of India at heart in every task that they undertake and every responsibility that they are called upon to fulfill.Embeded ObjectThe President said that the Indian Ordnance Factories Service as well as the Indian Telecom Service deals with technology and manufacturing in the public sector. In serving the requirements of national security and communication needs of the country, both these services cater to elements of vital national interest.

The President informed that Ordnance Factories are playing a significant role in contribution to national security. Modernization and technological up-gradation are continuously required and in this area innovation is important. Their endeavor should be to address the requirement of our Armed Forces, Para Military Forces and fulfill the same.

He said that they should remember that on their product depends a precious life. They should give in the hands of a soldier such trustworthy equipment which makes addition to his bravery and valor.

The President said that young officers of the Telecom Service, as civil servants should work for the people of India. They have to use the information and communication technology to improve and widen the service delivery mechanism to the citizens of India.