Source: News Bharati English24 Nov 2016 15:17:46

Columbia, November 24: President-elect Donald Trump has selected South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to become his U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Wednesday. Haley, is a two-term governor who earlier backed Trump rivals during the GOP battle for a White House nominee.

She is the first woman in the state's history to hold the role and the first woman picked by the president-elect to serve in a cabinet-level position. In a statement, Haley said "I always expected to finish the remaining two years of my second term as governor, but I was moved to accept this new assignment out of a sense of duty."

"When the President believes you have a major contribution to make to the welfare of our nation, and to our nation's standing in the world, that is a calling that is important to heed," Haley said, adding that she "remain as governor until the U.S. Senate acts affirmatively on my nomination."

It is Haley's strong communication and problem-solving skills that have made Trump trust her in being the U.S. representative at the 193-member United Nations in New York.

Haley, 44, daughter of immigrants from India has been serving three terms in South Carolina's State House before winning the governorship in 2010 and again in 2014.

Earlier, Helley happen to make statements criticizing Trump, and that criticism might hav ekept her off Mr. Trump’s list of vice-presidential candidates, although her name was mentioned in passing before he chose Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana.