Source: News Bharati English24 Nov 2016 14:30:41

Itanagar, Nov 24:
Addressing the concerns of state government after the demonetization move additional secretary of economic affairs MM Kutty said that situation will improve as more money will be available in all denominations in coming days.

Additional secretary MM Kutty met Chief Minister Pema Khandu and discussed the impact of demonetization in the state. He also reviewed the currency note situation with government officials.

Urging the state government to launch awareness programme about the demonetization especially for those people living in remote area MM Kutty said, “Words must reach every individual to deposit their old notes by December 30”.

He instructed officials to look into the matter of opening of new bank account and installation of new active ATMs in the state. He further added that government should use optimal media resources to drive the outreach programme more efficiently.  

Informing on the current situation in the state in the aftermath of demonetization, Chief Minister Khandu said, “Despite the rush in banks and ATMs, there has been no law and order problems reported.”

Articulating his concern about the probable misuse of bank accounts by people from outside the state to deposit money in huge amount Khandu sought assistance from Income Tax department to outline such suspicious account holder.