Source: News Bharati English24 Nov 2016 17:08:48

New Delhi, Nov 24: Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar welcomed the demonetization decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remove black money and end corruption from the country.

The Art of Living founder said on behalf of the people that they are ready to suffer inconveniences for a better tomorrow.

“I am very happy about the demonetization steps PM has taken, first he made people open accounts,” Sri Sri Ravishankar said.

“There is an inconvenience, there could be some improvements in the process but people are ready to bear it for the bigger cause,” he added.

Shifting his focus to current tension in J&K, he said 90 percent of the neglected people in Kashmir want peace.

The Art of Living held a multi-stakeholder conference on the situation in Jammu & Kashmir on Wednesday.

The conference “Kashmir: Back to Paradise” was attended by many religious and political leaders.

“The peace forum will provide platform and space to the ignored section of people in the Kashmir Valley, and they want peace for an overall development, progress and prosperity of the region,” said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Hailing Kashmir’s talent, he said that the land has been a bastion of intellectuals.

“Kashmir has been a bastion of the intellectuals, artists, spiritual leaders, Sufis, literary greats, rishis and munis. But unfortunately today, we are helplessly watching schools being burnt, schools and buses are being burnt, shops being gutted,” said Sri Sri.