India grants 10 million USD to Mozambique as drought aid
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 25-Nov-2016

Maputo, November 25: Indian High Commissioner, R. Gaurav Shresth on behalf of India handed over a cheque of US Dollar 10 million to the Minister of Trade and Industry of Mozambique as a drought aid on Monday in Mozambique.
The aid was granted on the request from Mozambique, which has been facing hazardous threats of droughts for two consecutive years. People in Mozambique have been facing difficulties due to the menace since long time.

The Indian grant will be of great help especially in agriculture and food. This aid will help the Mozambique authorities to urgently purchase wheat from the international market, and thus help ensure availability of food for vulnerable sections of the Mozambique population.Embeded ObjectIndia and Mozambique share cordial relations, in fact India was amongst one of the first nations to open its embassy in Maputo, after Mozambique won its freedom in 1975. Mozambique is also home to nearly 20,000 persons of Indian origin, who provide a human link between the populations of both countries.

Also, Mozambique is among India’s most important economic partners in Africa, and accounts for almost 25% of India’s net FDI into Africa. India views a closer economic partnership with Mozambique as a vital ingredient in addressing India’s future needs of energy and food security.

Mozambique was the first country in mainland Africa that PM Modi visited earlier this year. The financial assistance from India for purchase of wheat is a gesture of cohesion.