Source: News Bharati English27 Nov 2016 16:35:05

Kathmandu, November 27: On humble appeal by Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev the 400 years long animal sacrifice tradition at Nepals’ Kalika temple has been stopped. This change took place while Baba Ramdev went to ‘Nagrik Abhinandan Samaroha’ along with Acharya Baal Krishna on Saturday.
Ramdev said, “We all are children of the almighty, and God is thirsty of our love and devotion and not our blood. Animal sacrifice is cruel and by no means does it satisfy the deities.” Many people including the head priest of the temple pledged to go vegetarian henceforth on request of Ramdev.

Urging everyone present at the occasion to pledge that they will never engage in animal sacrifice he said, “It’s a historical initiative that we take pledge that we will not sacrifice animals for faith purposes. Like the mother of a child gets sad when her child bleeds from his wounds and cannot bear it , in the same way goddesses Sakhra will not get happy with the animal sacrifice”Embeded ObjectEvery year, over 30,000 animals are sacrificed at the shrine by devotees. The shrine had received Rs 332,000 from the animal sacrifices then.

Baba Ramdev, arrived Nepal on a week-long visit on Tuesday and inaugurated the new factory of his Patanjali Ayurveda Grama Udyog in southern Nepal. Earlier, Ramdev also said he will invest billions of rupees in Nepal for producing ayurvedic products that would eventually generate employment for 20,000 Nepalese youths.