Inmates of Kerala prison soon to have e-library in order to bring change in outlook towards life
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 27-Nov-2016

Thiruvananthapuram, November 27: The inmates of Kerala prison will soon be having e-libraries set-up in the jail premises. They will have e-books in their hands in order to bring positive change in the outlook towards life and society. This facility is going to get introduced for the first time in Southern India where prisoners can read not only digitized collection of books but also e-books using the Amazon Kindle reader, an application, they said.
I feel the reading habit is very strong among prisoners because options for recreation and relaxation are limited for them. But due to security reasons, we can allow only a limited number of them at the library at a time,” Jail Superintendent S Santhosh told the media. Inmates will be given training to use the applications and gadgets to read e-books. It will help them get an easy access to whichever books they want, he added.

Senior prisoners of each block now collect books for interested inmates and distribute it in their cells. But the opening up of e-library is expected to help overcome this difficulty and give more people access to the library facilities, he said. To use the e-library, interested inmates would be given digital identity cards with bar codes. They could walk to the library, being set up at the 11th block of the sprawling prison, hand over their digital ID cards to the librarian and search for their favorite books in the computers there.

There would be no need for them to spend more time before book shelves searching books, he added. “Our aim is to provide our inmates all facilities of a modern library. They should get a cultural delight while visiting there. We hope this modern library will also instill a sense of self-esteem in them,” Santhosh said. Authorities of Poojappura Central Prison, one of the oldest recorded prisons in the state, are busy completing the final works of the innovative library, which will open the infinite world of e-books to its 1,300 inmates.