Source: News Bharati English03 Nov 2016 12:58:12

Jerusalem, November 3: Republican Nominee, Donald Trump set to take over and win the elections according to the results of an exit poll taken among the absentee-voters in Israel obtained exclusively by “The Jerusalem Post”.

The get-out-the-vote organization iVoterIsrael and KEEVOON Global Research released the results of absentee-voter exit polls and the results were preferably in Republican Nominee, Donald Trump’s favor.

The polls were conducted by get-out-the-vote organization unveiled that Trump received 49% of Israeli-American votes while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton received 44% of votes. Another 2% voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson, and the rest chose “other” or said they voted for Congress and not a presidential candidate.

The poll was taken on Monday-Wednesday of this week, among 1,140 respondents, and has a 3% margin of error. Full results of the exit poll, including state-by-state results, will be available on Thursday.

According to the US Vote Foundation, an international get-out-the-vote organization for absentee voters, the top 10 states for voters sending ballots from Israel are New York – from which a third of such voters hail – New Jersey, California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland and Texas. Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania are swing states.

Eitan Charnoff, executive director of iVoterIsrael said that despite the organization holding many events and parties’ total no. of votes coming from Israel was 30,000 which was notably lower voter-turnout than Israel in 2012, which were 80,000. He addressed lack of enthusiasm amongst the voters for their candidate as a reason behind this decline in votes. Charnoff posited that the shift in voting patterns shows “the dynamic nature of politics and how people choose to vote for the US president in Israel,”.