Source: News Bharati English30 Nov 2016 14:14:33

New Delhi, November 30: Actor/Singer turned politician Manoj Tiwari was reported to be the next Bhartiya Janata Party president of Delhi. Tiwari is to replace Satish Upadhyay as the BJP chief in the national capital. BJP President Amit Shah is also reported to have appointed MP Nityanand Rai as the chief of BJP’s Bihar unit.



Tiwari, 45, is the BJP's prominent face, who has a huge following among the migrant Bhojpuri-speaking voters from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh.

"I would like to thank PM Narendra Modi for showing trust on a new party worker like me. I will try to fulfill my responsibilities," Tiwari said in his reaction to his elevation.

Rai, 50, is a Lok Sabha MP from Bihar's Ujiarpur constituency. Earlier, the Bihar unit of the BJP was headed by Mangal Pandey.

Following the Bihar Assembly polls, party president Amit Shah had publicly appreciated him for his pro-active role. BJP was looking to have a new face represent it for the municipal elections in early 2017.