Source: News Bharati English07 Nov 2016 16:49:03

Bengaluru, November 7: No one had thought that the social media tool like Twitter would act as a instrument of transformation. But the Ministers in PM Modi’s cabinet have made it a reality. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj is helping people out on a single tweet and Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu is comforting common travelers on a request on twitter. A new kind of bonding between the government and the common Indian, bypassing the rigid bureaucracy is creating an atmosphere of trust bolstering pure values of democracy in the minds of Indians.

One more event adds to this list which otherwise would have gone unnoticed if Shreya Pradip, a girl from Ranchi had not tweeted to express her thanks to a cabinet minister who she terms, “Union Minister 4 a commoner!”

The story starts when Sreya Pradip starts her travel by Indigo flight from Bengaluru to Ranchi with her ailing mother on Sunday. She and her mother were seated on first line chairs to make her mother more comfortable. When the Cabinet Minister Jayant Sinha enters with his wife and searches for his seat, he founds one ill lady has already occupied his allotted seat. To the surprise of the Mother and Daughter and fellow travelers, the Modi Ministers asks them not to go anywhere and showing rare value modesty, travels by another seat with no sign of arrogance or annoyance.

The act of Union Minister Jayant Sinha gave up his seats on a flight won the gratitude of a Shreya Pradip, a girl from Ranchi,  who later tweeted, “ Acche din is when the Aviation Minister gives his 1st class seat to me and my ill mother, sits in the economy-class himself.” This tweet is stirring amongst the people as Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha helps this girl and her mother by offering his luxurious seat. To this tweet Jayant Sinha gave a welcoming reply which shows the grounded nature of our Aviation Minister.

The mother of a girl was ill and couldn’t walk and so this was a heartwarming gesture of lending the support to her mother. Shreya thanked Jayant Sinha by expressing gratitude on social media.So far the tweet recieved thousands of shares and replies.Many people replied by supporting and shedding light on the positivity and humble gesture expressed by Jayant Sinha.

Taking cognizance of the tweets of Shreya and replies to her tweet Indigo airliner has made sure to express concern by replying to her tweet.