Pakistan cannot afford bullet trains; but how it manages to sponsor terrorists?
स्रोत: Agencies      तारीख: 01-Dec-2016

Islamabad, December 1: Pakistan cannot afford to have bullet trains because they don’t have such a big range of middle and upper class passengers who would buy such expensive tickets. There is no market for bullet trains in Pakistan. Rather Pakistani government can easily afford to provide all the financial aid to various terrorists and terrorist groups. Small question rises in our mind how Pakistan can afford to support terrorism, if they are not willing to have bullet trains.
Pakistani Government cannot afford to finish the poverty from their own country, they cannot afford to have better infrastructure, Pakistan cannot afford to do a business in the international market but yes they do have large amount of money to provide trainings to various terrorist groups, can purchase updated arms for terrorist groups, can provide all important aid to various terrorist groups what they need to attack in other countries specially India.

Like to inform you that Pakistan Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique has informed the National Assembly that the country cannot afford to have bullet trains. He further said that even if they launch it, they don't have such a big range of upper and middle class passengers who would buy tickets of bullet trains.

He further said that "When we asked the Chinese about it, they laughed at us. We should consider the 160 kmph train under CPEC as a bullet train. We can't afford an actual bullet train, there's no market for it." He further said, “Our Chinese friends have expressed their displeasure on this project and made fun of us.”

Though this project was a promise of Nawaj Sharif’s party to the people of Pakistan before elections and as well as a dream of PM Nawaj Sharif itself which is never going to be true. Well Pakistani politicians as well as government will have to understand the reality that if they continuously provide support to terrorism they are going to face more worst conditions in near future.