Modi takes 'Jan Sabha route' to speak to people: Says backdoors of corrupt practices closed
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 10-Dec-2016

Deesa, December 10: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a 'JanSabha' route to speak directly with the people since he is not being allowed to speak in Lok Sabha. The Prime Minister today told a farmer's rally in Deesa in Gujarat. Speaking before a mammoth crowd of people chanting Modi Modi, the PM said that those who thought that they will cleverly use the back door to stash huge amount of black money are being caught.

"You must have seen how bank officials and others who have stashed huge amount of black money are being caught. They thought they can escape through back channels but they didn't know that Modi has installed cameras in the back channels as well,' said Modi.

The Prime Minister was in Gujarat to inaugurate a milk co-operative dairy plant & other public projects.

Modi reiterated that he had asked for 50 days and the people of India will see how things will change. "This is a major step to rid the nation of corruption."

The Prime Minister said that the government has always said we are ready to debate. But the opposition is behaving stubbornly. "Happenings in Parliament anguished our President, who has tremendous political experience," PM Modi said.

Modi appealed the parties who are opposing the demonetisation drive to teach people about internet banking and empowering in digital transactions. "You can oppose me but do, using technology for financial transactions," said Modi.

He also touched on the significance of technology-based solutions in the post-demonetisation economy. In a message for the Opposition "from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel," He said, "We belong to a nation where we do not think- what my interest. We are not a selfish nation. We think about future generations."

PM Modi today said the currency ban had weakened terrorists, and individuals involved in fake currency rackets, and had been implemented "to strengthen the hands of the poor of the nation."

The Prime Minister said that India wants to progress. Corruption and black money is slowing our progress and adversely affecting the poor. These evils have to end.

"For how long can poor of India be told to pay for houses in cash. For how long will poor be asked- (do)you want Pucca bill or Kuccha bill?" he asked.

PM Modi began his address by touching to his Gujarat origins. "I am told it is after a very long time that a Prime Minister is visiting Banaskantha. But, I am here not as PM, but as a son of this soil," he said.