Despite ghosts of UPA scam regime, P Chidambaram dares to say: demonetisation move punished poor
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 13-Dec-2016

Nagpur, December 13: Former finance minister P Chidambaram in Nagpur on Tuesday speaking at the press conference took in the Modi government over its demonetisation move.  Charging against Modi Government P Chidambaram straight away said that Governments demonetisation move have broken the back of poor people, a case of khoda pahad nikli chuhiya.
He also said that demonetisation is a biggest scam of the year and of Indian history and also asked the investigation should be done on this. Like to tell you that, Chidambaram asks several questions to government on demonetisation in press conference.

In press conference, Chidambaram asked Government that he is not able to get a single of Rs 2000 note but many individuals are already arrested by security officials with large numbers of currencies. Chidambaram further asks government that if banks don’t have cash to fulfill the demand of public then how government have kept withdrawal limit of Rs 24000. He further supported Dr Manmohan Singh’s statement as he earlier said that demonetisation is monumental mismanagement of government.

Chidambarm further asked about keeping District Cooperative Central Banks kept out of the whole exercise. He also said that keeping out District Cooperative Central Banks is punishing farmers as there is no money for them to buy supplies. Chidambaram attacks government and says 45 crore people are dependent on daily wages, they have been affected by Demonetization who is going to compensate them.

Chidambaram in conference said that, major economist, newspaper in world has said that this is the most absurd of moves by the government. He claimed that the government decision over demonetisation is rubbish. Chidambaram accused that the move was intended to hit black money and cut off funding sources from terrorists. Two weeks into the note ban, the government began to say the move is intended to kick start a digital and cashless India.

Chidambaram further said that due to demonetisation GDP of country is going to decrease. He said, "Long term impact that it will be negative for GDP. Even the RBI's low projection shows it. Most economists say there will be a negative 1-2% impact.”

Chidambaram finally said, "I believe people will not forget what is being done to them and will certainly not forgive the government for it. Because people are not protesting in the manner that you are suggesting, it doesn't mean that they are condoning what the government is doing."

Like to tell you that former finance minister P Chidambaram in short said that, the Government’s decision over Demonetisation is a thoughtless move and only punishing the poor.

Interestingly, in the era of Congress Government being a finance minister P Chidambaram was never able to control corruption.