NITI Aayog introduces ‘Lucky Grahak Yojna and Digi Dhan Vyapari Yojna’ to promote digital payment
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 15-Dec-2016

New Delhi, December 15: Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog on Thursday held a press conference and announced about the two new schemes in order to promote digital payments in country. Like to tell you that since demonetization is introduced by Prime Minister Modi, he personally took initiative to promote digital payments and insisted to whole country in order to create cashless economy.
In press conference on behalf of NITI Aayog, Amitabh Kant announced two new schemes of incentivizing on digital payments. NITI Aayog launched Lucky Grahak Yojna for consumers & Digi Dhan Vyapari Yojna to encourage merchants to transition to digital payments.

Under Lucky Grahak Yojna, NPCI will announce 15,000 winners in next 100 days that will start from Christmas. Each winner will get cash prize of Rs 1000. Whereas under Digi Dhan Vyapari Yojna, 7000 awards will be given to merchants weekly and winner will get cash prize upto Rs 50,000. Government will spend Rs 340 crore outlay for rewards on schemes promoting digital payments, but it will only cover C2M, C2G & all AEPS transactions.
Amitabh Kant further stated that government has taken series of action to curb black money after the decision of demonetization. He also said that not only series of action but government has initiated numerous steps to combat scourge of corruption and black money in last two and a half years.

Amitabh further added that since demonetiation is introduced in our country has led a numerous increase in debit card transactions. He stated that since demonetisation, Rupay card transaction has gone up by 300%. He added that noyt only public sector or private sector but all the government departments are now moving towards digital movement.