Largest Science and Technology festival IIT Bombay TechFest starts today
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-Dec-2016

Mumbai, December 16: TechFest 2016, organised by IIT Bombay has started today with the exhibition by technology and research firms from across the world. The TechFest is an annual event and will go on for three days, till 18 December. According to estimates, TechFest is known as the largest Science and Technology festival with more than 2,500 colleges from India and 500 colleges from across the world in attendance.

The fest includes various events ranging from Initiatives, Ideate, Competitions, Workshops, TechFest World MUN, Workshops, Lectures, Technoholix to Ozone. ‘Initiative’ is an event where the students and organizations come together to bring a change and find a solution to real-world problems with different campaigns. This year the major campaigns featured are Cured, Save the Souls, IAmPower, and Make in India. The Ideate event series includes industry giants and students coming together to think about new ideas.

The major topics under discussion this year include IoT (Internet of Things), Saksham, and TechFest Innovation Challenge. The event also includes various competitions ranging from Mesh Flare, Galactic Trooper and Quantum Code on Indian level along with Coding Challenge, Robotics Challenge, RoboWars and Indian Student Super Computing Challenge. Other competitions include Tata Pioneer’s Makerthon with Protean UAV Challenge and Autonomous Spray coverage measurement. Xtreme Machines include Full Throttle and Submerge followed by Tinkerer which includes Energon, Imitation Game.

The fest has competitions like Skyscraper and Colonize under the Architectonics category, Skylark and Boeing IIT National Aeromodelling Competition in the Aerostrike category and Resemblance and Generex under Spectechale. TechFest 2016 will also include Workshops on IoT, High-Performance Computing, Data Science, Big Data, Fitness Bands, Swarm Robotics, Embedded Systems, Cyber Forensics, Cross Platform Mobile app development. Other things include Android app development, Net Zero Energy Building, Automobile mechanics and IC engines, Haptics Robotic Arm, Tri-copter UAV, RoboExpedition, Solarizer, Money Game and Sixth Sense Technology.

Rakesh Sharma, first Indian in Space, Ravi Kant, Former MD for TATA Motors, Sharmila Tagore, Peter Atkins, Bruce Allen, Jeff Demain and Deepali Pant Joshi among a vast number of speakers invited to the Fest to give lectures on their fields and topics. Also, TVF Tripling cast will be on Campus for meet and greet along with ‘Just Dance’ competition by UbiSoft on the first day. The second day will see a Tron Dance Show called ‘Light Balance’ and Movie screening.

The first TechFest was held in 1998 with the aim to promote innovation, scientific thinking and technology. TechFest 2016 will be the 19th edition of the festival, and it is estimated that more than 165,000 people will attend the fest. Last but not the least the event will conclude with Technoholix.