Government must take the call for declaring ‘eyes’ as national asset : Bhaiya Ji Joshi
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 18-Dec-2016

Nagpur, Dec 18 : Terming  eyen donation  activity a vital contribution to human civilisation  RSS Sarkaryavah Bhaiya Ji joshi said that  each and every individual should consider eyes as  national asset  so as  to solve the difficulties of  the  visually  impaired individuals  through eye donation.

He was speaking at the bhoomipoojan programme of Madhav Metralaya, a proposed multi speciality eye hospital and research center near Ajni area of Nagpur. 

Calling eye donation as an instrument of social transformation Joshi said that every individual after the death can illuminate the life of millions who are visually impaired by some or other reason. He further added that, the eye donation should become a national movement so that every individual from weaker would get   empowered through this social revival .

Expressing his concern over the unavailability of medical services to common man Joshi stated that, despite of such transformation in medical sciences innovation and technological intervention  we have  not been able to produce  the substitute for the sensitive organs like eyes. He advised members from medical fraternity to develop indigenous model for effective preservation of cornea.   

Commenting on the international norms of eye donation Joshi said that international communality have accepted eyes as an asset to mankind.  He urged government and other medical institutions to work towards the policy framework for eye donation and sustainable preservation. He appealed various social groups and NGOs working in field of eye donation to encourage the society for this Nobel cause.

Lauding the work of   ‘Madhav Natralay ’ formerly known  as Madhav netra pedhi RSS   Sarkaryavahs  said that  from last 21 years  we  have been waiting for  this  moment. Madhav Netralay   should become the epicentre of social transformation. Expressing his optimism for proposed new hospital Joshi said that the multi specially hospital would serves society and will be able to bring happiness to the life of poor and deprived ones .

On this occasion Swami Bramhasthanand of  Nagpur Ramakrishna Aashram ,Senior RSS leader M G Vaidya,  Dr Shrikant Andhare President of Madhav Netralay Nagpur, general Secretary Avinashchandra Agnihotri , Shirish Darvhekar Nikhil Mundle and other officer bearers of Madha Netralay were present.