Uttar Pradesh is tired of corruption, black money and goondaism; can see storm of change: PM Modi
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 19-Dec-2016

Kanpur, December 19: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday laid the foundation stone of Indian Institute of Skills in Kanpur and also inaugurated various schemes which is going to benefit the common people of Uttar Pradesh. On this occasion, PM Modi addressed “Parivartan rally” in which around 5 lacs people were present. PM Modi during addressing was in very aggressive mode and smashed all the opposition parties. PM Modi also further stated about the work during his leadership within these two and half years.
Youth and farmers Empowerment:

PM Modi on this occasion firstly talked about youth and farmers empowerment and said that he earlier witnessed an exhibition on skill development which aims to provide jobs to the youth of country. He also said that our youngsters have the skill to ensure that poverty becomes history in India. PM Modi said, “our government is dedicated to the poor and underprivileged and also committed and focused towards bringing a positive change in the lives of farmers, villagers and poor.” He also said that many initiatives have been taken by the Government to empower the youth especially in Uttar Pradesh. He also said that the youths if given the right kind of exposure & facilities can contribute a lot in the growth of nation

PM Modi slams opposition:

PM Modi slammed opposition over black money, corruption and mainly on demonetization. PM Modi straight away said, our agenda is to end corruption and black money but opposition’s agenda is to stall Parliament and have no debate because they trying to save themselves to provide any kind of accountability.” He further said that corruption and black money adversely affected the poor and the middle class therefore government wants to scrap black money but opposition want to shut Parliament and save those people who are involved in corruption.

PM Modi talks on goondaism:

The actual problem of UP is goondaism which always hurts therefore PM Modi said that the people of UP are tired of goondaism. These goondaism is rised due to the support of local government, therefore till the government will not change  prob will not be solved.

PM Modi appreciates Election Commission:

On this occasion PM Modi raised the matter of funds given to political parties which is a black money and that should be stopped. PM Modi again thrashed opposition and said that it is the responsibility of political parties to set an example on non-corrupt practices. Especially about donations to political parties but opposition did not took any initiative. On the other hand PM Modi appreciated the hard work done by election commission and also appealed to start the dialogue over tighten the policies of funds given to political parties.

PM Modi takes on demonetization:

On this occasion, PM Modi said that before demonetization when there was a Rs1000 nobody cared for 500 & 100. Now Rs100 value is being seen, since Nov 8th directive. He also said, “before demonetisation decision, there was no value for Rs 100 notes but after this decision people are valuing it and poor people.” He further said that Demonetisation is a fight against black money and corruption.

PM Modi brief UP on cashless transactions:

PM Modi urged people of Uttar Pradesh to not to worry if cash is not available, just start using digital payments which will lead to a cashless economy. He further urged people to use mobile phones which can become our banks and wallets. He also said, “we are using technology to track those who have stashed black money, we are vigilant and raids are being conducted country wide.”

He also enlightened Uttar Pradesh by the schemes which were introduced by central government and also said that these particular schemes are only for the poor people of country.

He said, “shopkeepers who are using debit/credit cards to receive payments will also receive rewards in Thousands of rupees in a lucky draw scheme.” PM Modi added that history will not remember this move for which PM took this decision but for the fight waged by common people against black money. He again said, “history will not record who was the PM who brought about this revolutionary change in eradicating corruption, but will praise people.”

PM Modi takes on corruption:

PM Modi aggressively said that central government is fully committed to finish the corruption. He said, “I am aware of their strength, when they can bribe bank officials they can do anything but we have to fight this.” He again pointed Congress party and other political parties who ruled country and Uttar Pradesh and said 1,500 villages in Uttar Pradesh still live in the 18th century. He also said till now Congress has been functioning like not to be accountable to country but now Central government is providing each and every account to the people of country.

PM Modi finally said people that he can see very clearly that Uttar Pradesh is now asking for a big change and wants BJP to rule this state.