Present Indian Test team has potential to succeed abroad in all conditions
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 02-Dec-2016

Mumbai, December 2: Former Indian cricketer and batting legend Rahul Dravid complemented talent of Indian cricket team on Thursday during press conference. Being impressed by our batsmen and their development Dravid expressed his confidence saying that a settled middle order can ensure Indian Test team’s success abroad.

“I am very impressed with the batting talent we have and they are growing, developing as a team, they still are figuring their way out. I hope by the time India tour abroad, we will have a settled batting line up, a sort of confident and successful middle order in place,” Dravid said.

At current, our players, the way they are performing, I think it’s a very good talent.  It’s a nice thing that they have a lot of these home Test matches over the next few months,” he said. “If you have a set middle order and the guys know and are secured in their position, I think it will give us the best chances to succeed. The potential is there to succeed in all conditions,” he added.

“Pujara has been exceptional at number 3 after I have left. He has batted beautifully; he has played well in this series against England. He is a terrific Test player. I hope we are going to see his best years ahead. Ajinkya Rahane has been exceptional as well. Virat Kohli is absolutely sensational,” he said.

Talking about his generation full of match-winners, Dravid said, “It was great in my generation, the sort of five players who were settled and established. There was Virender Sehwag, myself, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav and Laxman. We were a settled line up, Gambhir for a period of time as well.”