PM Modi inaugurates Char Dham highway project; vows for 'Uttam Uttarakhand'
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 27-Dec-2016

Dehradun, December 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday inaugurated a key infrastructure project, the Char Dham highway development programme. On this occasion, PM Modi addressed a public rally and said that Char Dham project will offer employment opportunities for the people of Uttarakhand. He also said, “Atal Ji gave us Uttarakhand now we need to make it Uttam Uttarakhand.”
PM Modi further said that the he can see clearly Uttarakhand now cannot wait any longer for development. PM Modi said, “Earlier facilities for pilgrims at Char Dham Yatra centres was not adequate and due to that so many devotees were unable to travel.”

Embeded ObjectTaking on the opposition, PM modi said that the hurried conception of schemes may be able to give short term political gains but the gains for people will be limited. On this occasion PM Modi also reminded people about ‘One Rank One Pension’ (OROP) which was the demand made by ex-servicemen since 40 years, but it was fulfilled by BJP government. He also said that BJP government was focus since very first day.

Embeded ObjectHe alleged Congress government for betraying ex-servicemen and not giving OROP to ex-servicemen and he also alleged that looking at the elections Congress government allocated only Rs. 500 crore for OROP but the need was of Rs 10,000 crore.

Embeded ObjectTaking on demonetisation, PM Modi said that people of India has supported him a lot and he has taken this strong and bold decision to curb black money, corruption and terrorism from country. PM Modi also said that the corrupt ones will be punished and it is happening too. PM Modi stated demonetisation as 'Safai Abhiyaan'.

Embeded ObjectAt the end of his PM Modi said, “Ours is an endeavour to strengthen the hands of the honest and law abiding citizen of India.” Like to tell you that PM Modi in his speech also said about various programmes launched by government which are meant only for poor people of country.

Embeded ObjectLooking at the amount of people gathered for rally, PM Modi firstly thanked them and said, “You have overwhelmed me...I can see so many people and am happy that women have joined this rally in large numbers.”

Embeded ObjectDuring his speech, PM Modi also urged to the people of Uttarakhand to give mandate to BJP as BJP can rule in better way and can give better results in terms of employment, development etc.

Embeded ObjectNotably, Char Dham highway development programme will facilitate the construction of 900 km of highways connecting holy shrines of Uttarakhand. This project includes 10 meter minimum widening of existing National Highways & constructing 13 bypasses, 2 tunnels, 25 major bridges. Connectivity & tourism will get a strong boost through the project.