#Demonetisation: Congress alleges Govt for sacrificing poor; BJP counts Congress' corruption
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 28-Dec-2016

New Delhi, December 28: Congress Party day by day getting more aggressive against Central Government’s demonetisation policy. Like to tell you that once again Rahul Gandhi in a press conference on Wednesday accused PM Modi for sacrificing common man’s life in ‘yagna’ against black money.
Rahul this time aggressively portraying himself and Congress party as the care taker of farmers and poor people asked PM Modi to compensate to the farmers, 50 percent relief in income tax and sales tax for small traders, to double the wage under MNREGA etc.

He asked PM Modi to give loan waiver and a bonus of 20 per cent of MSP to farmers. Rahul also demanded that the government should deposit Rs 25,000 in the account of every woman of a BPL family that has suffered post demonetisation. Rahul Gandhi further insisted Government to reveal how much black money has been recovered since November 8 as well as how many lost their employment after the scheme was announced.

Taking on demonetisation, Rahul Gandhi asked several questions to Central government are as follows:

We also want to know who advised government on the demonetisation scheme and whom government consulted before implementing it?"

The BJP government, Rahul added, should also made public a list of people who deposited more than Rs 25 lakh in their accounts two months prior to November 8.

He also asked the government to lift the Rs 24,000 weekly currency withdrawal limit as it is "an attack on finance independence" of the country.

Rahul also added that Congress has always helped the farmers, labourers, small shopkeepers and the economically weak sections of society. He emphasised that it is imperative for party workers to continue doing so, given how the currency ban has hit these sections the hardest.

On the other side, BJP also aggressively backfired and answered to Congress just after few minutes Rahul Gandhi finished with his press conference. BJP too hold a press conference and accused Congress for various scams done in their own regime. BJP straight away claimed that Congress is just trying to cheat peoples by serving wrong information and trying to divert the minds of people from Augusta Westland case to Demonetisation.

Taking on Rahul Gandhi, Shrikant Sharma said “Rahul Gandhi should first answer who benefited from the ‘mota maal’ in VVIP Chopper scam.” He further accused Rahul of playing “politics over death” and also claimed that people of the country has stopped believing Rahul Gandhi and Congress.

"We are pained whenever there's any death. But do not do politics over it, Rahulji, and do not forget about the thousands of farmers who committed suicides in your tenure," Sharma said.

On this occasion, Shrikant said about the initiatives taken by central government that it is the central government which increased the MSP (maximum support price) of crops twice and gave soil health card to farmers, launched crop insurance scheme at Re 1.

Shrikant Sharma said that Gandhi's frustration was understood as he was helping those who earlier looted the country. "We understand your frustration, Rahul Gandhiji, because you have been helping those who tried to destroy the nation with their black money," Sharma said.

Sharma firing on Rahul Gandhi said that he lacks credibility and many Congress leaders recently left Congress party and joined BJP. Referring to the boycott by several parties to the Congress-convened meet on demonetisation, he said, "Now even other Opposition parties are leaving you."

At the end of his statement Shrikant said, “Our government performs. It does not issue daily statements.”

Notably, since day one of demonetisation Congress now and then everyday accuses PM Modi and Central government. Till now there is no effect of Congress’ allegations on BJP or government.