Bangladeshi illegal Infiltration into Meghalaya impossible due to strong community life: Meghalaya Guv
Source :News Bharati English   Date :03-Dec-2016

Chennai, December 3: Praising Meghalaya and its people, Governor V Shanmuganathan on Friday said that due to the strong community life in village of Northeastern State, infiltration of Bangladeshi migrants into Meghalaya is impossible. He said the people in villages do not allow outsiders to enter into their villages and hence it is not possible for Bangladesh to enter Meghalaya.

“The community life in villages is very strong in Meghalaya. Infiltration from Bangladesh into Meghalaya is not possible because people do not allow outsiders into their villages,” he said.

Explaining the bonding among people in villages in that state, he said there was “no poverty” there and people helped each other in times of need and family exigencies like deaths. “There are absolutely no poverty deaths, no dowry, no female infanticide and women have exclusive rights to the properties of their father,” Shanmuganathan said.

While appreciating the oneness of people he recalled the bravery of several patriots who fought valiantly against the Britishers. He recalled about the difficulties faced when the people went to South India in search of work as shared by the villagers back in early days.

Governor paid his condolence on the death of senior RSS leader K Suryanarayana Rao. He said people in Northeast asked him why there was no reference to that region or the mighty Brahmaputra River in the national anthem, which refers to river Ganga.

Referring to Meghalaya’s mountain ranges, he said the plants and herbs there had disease-curing properties and suggested that people from Tamil Nadu visit the state. He also praised the locale and beauty of Parashuram Kund and Brahmaputra in Arunachal Pradesh, and said people must visit it.