After demonetization, dishonest people are making lines outside homes of poor: PM Modi
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 03-Dec-2016

Moradabad, December 3: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday afternoon addressed a mega ‘Parivartan Rally’ at Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh where he said that after demonetization, dishonest people are making lines outside the homes of poor. Modi targeted the people involved in corruption and black money and said, Earlier some people used to do money…money throughout the day. Now these people are doing Modi…Modi throughout the day.  
“These people who are dishonest can't go to banks now so they are lining outside homes of poor & trying to mislead them. Queues are made outside banks in which the matter is of honesty. Dishonest people are making lines outside the homes of poor. I am trying that those who have entered money in accounts of poor through illegal means should go to jail and the money should go to the poor’s home,” PM Modi further said.

PM also pointed out that the Austerity of our countrymen for demonetization will not be wasted. “Our country needs honesty. Those people who have kept the nation in queue for 70 years, I have set up an ultimate queue to end that queue. When the country experience that the intensions are good, then it prepare itself to suffer anything. My country is prepared to become digital in this 21st century”.

He also took the case of Uttar Pradesh which is suffering because of poverty and other issues. “When poverty is eliminated from a state like Uttar Pradesh, along with other big states, the impact will be huge. If poor of this country are given powers, then poverty will vanish tomorrow. Such a strength is the in the poor people of the country”.

Enlightening that development is the solution to all the problems, PM said, “The solution of all our problems is development. Development is our priority. If development happens in Uttar Pradesh then children will get good education, elders will get cheap medical facilities”.

Criticising earlier state governments which halted the development process, PM Modi said, “Many governments have come who just made announcements, but BJP is completing its announcements and giving account of every minute. Whenever and wherever BJP has got a chance to serve, our leaders have followed the path of development.In ten years Madhya Pradesh has been transformed & is known for development & agriculture.

He also pointed towards the problem of electricity in Moradabad which was not solved since his last visit in 2009. “I had not been able to come to Moradabad in 2014. I did come in 2009. Always felt sad I couldn't come here for so long. Yes I've come here to Moradabad late but even before I came it was ensured that your year’s long demand for electricity was met”. He said.

PM also saluted farmers for their efforts for keeping agricultural at large. “I salute the farmers that they have kept the abundance of sowing in spite of problems. The sowing has been increased since last year”, he said.