Sushma Swaraj helps rape victims despite of her weak medical condition
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 03-Dec-2016

New Delhi, December 3: The External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj has asked the Kerala government to speed up the trial in rape case of a Japanese woman in Kerala’s Kovalam district last month. Also she spoke to the Lt Governor of Delhi to register a case and find out the culprit.
Though Sushma is facing severe medical condition it does not seem like she has stopped working. She has also helped a London-based NRI seeking help in renewing his passport. Her recent tweets relating to these cases show that not even her kidney transplant surgery has stopped her from performing her duties.Embeded ObjectEmbeded ObjectEmbeded ObjectShe tweeted, “I have asked Government of Kerala to expedite the trial and keep us informed about the case.” And “I have seen the media reports about gang rape of an American tourist in Delhi in March this year. I have spoken to the Lt Governor Delhi and told him that Police should register a case and bring the guilty to book.”

Kerala police claimed that the 35-year-old Japanese woman was allegedly raped by a man from Kerala named Teja. Teja, 25, is now detained under IPC Section 376 based on the victim’s statement. And the investigation is in progress relating to American tourist rape case.Embeded ObjectEmbeded ObjectEmbeded ObjectMinistry of External Affairs is being very well handled by since a long time Sushma Swaraj along with Vikas Swaroop, Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs. Sushma’s social media activities have always aimed at reaching out maximum people and help them solve their queries.