Trump’s extraordinary deal-making skills can resolve Kashmir: US Vice President-elect Mike Pence
स्रोत: Agencies      तारीख: 06-Dec-2016

Washington, December 6: US Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Monday gave an interview to NBC News and said that US administration is fully dedicated to bring peace in whole world. He further said that President elect Donald Trump can use his extra ordinary deal-making skills to resolve the issues between India and Pakistan related to Kashmir so that the peace and stability could stand again in the region.
Referring to recent tensions between India and Pakistan, Mr. Pence said Mr. Trump wanted to make sure that both countries “know that when this administration takes office, that we intend to be fully engaged in the region and fully engaged with both nations to advance peace and security”.

Mike said that after a long time Americans are going to see an energetic administration and leadership. Trump can easily solve various issues through his qualities and can bring peace and stability in the whole world. Mike strongly said that US administration looks further and able to have good relations with both India and Pakistan.  

Mike further said that Americans now have President someone like Donald Trump who is already prepared to jobs. He can rebuild America’s economy and he will fight hard for American to get job easily.

Like to tell you that, Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton and won the Presidential elections though there was a strong belief of Clinton’s win. Trump is a hardcore businessman of America and also categorized in one of the richest businessman of America.