To maintain law and order, Angela Merkel declares partial ban on burqas in Germany
स्रोत: Agencies      तारीख: 08-Dec-2016

Berlin, December 8: Angela Merkel, German Chancellor on Tuesday in a press conference declared for a partial ban on the full-face veil i.e a partial ban on burqas in certain public places. Like to tell you that, the ban will not allow Muslim women to wear a full-face burqa in schools, court rooms, and administrative buildings. Additionally, the ban would apply to wearing one while driving or while attending a public demonstration.
Merkel straight away stated that the traditional full-body veil is inappropriate and does not match to the German culture. Therefore it must be banned wherever the chance of crime is increased. “The full veil must be banned, wherever legally possible. Showing your face is part of our way of life,” Merkel said in a press conference.  She further said, “Our laws take precedence over honor codes, tribal customs, and sharia.”

The burqa is a full-body veil that fully covers the face. It is worn by Muslim women for cultural and religious reasons and often serves as a part of their identity. The reason behind this partial ban by the chancellor Merkel is reduce the crime like rapes, killings etc which is done by the Islamic refugees.

She further gave the example that increasing Islamophobia has spread across Europe and the Western world, leaving many Muslim women uncertain of where they may safely practice their religious and cultural traditions. France and Belgium have already banned Muslim women's headwear nationwide, with localised or partial bans in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Russia.

Initially, Germans opened their doors. Crowds came to train stations to applaud arriving asylum seekers, greeting them with flowers and chocolates etc. But the numbers began to strain social services. Local councils complained there wasn't enough space to house everyone. Therefore many Islamic asylum seekers started involving in criminal activities which has disturbed law and order of Germany.

National statistics show some crimes, such as burglaries and petty offenses, have gone up since the start of the year as Germany's population has grown, but that less than 1% of sex crimes and even fewer homicides are tied to immigrants or refugees.

Therefore, now German public no longer welcomes refugees but views them with suspicion. Riots between local residents and refugees have broken out in eastern Germany.

Merkel in press conference said, "We do not want any parallel societies and where they exist we have to tackle them." She further said, "Our laws have priority over honor codes, tribal and family rules, and over the Sharia. That has to be expressed very clearly. That also means that with interpersonal communication, which plays a fundamental role here, we show our face. This is why the full facial veil is inappropriate, and should be banded wherever it is legally possible. It does not belong in our country."

Chancellor Merkel ran unopposed for a new term leading the Christian Democratic Union party (CDU), who first elected her chairwoman in 2000. She kept her position with the support of 89.5 per cent of party members, down on the 96.7 per cent result of two years ago. Her popularity has been severely dented by growing anti-migrant sentiment in Germany following the arrival of around one million asylum seekers in the continuing refugee crisis.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a public ban on the full-face veil as her political party gears up to back her for a fourth term in office.