Opposition frustrated by #demonetization, Mamata says ‘Alibaba’ whereas Rahul says ‘Pay to Modi’
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 08-Dec-2016

New Delhi, December 8: Opposition parties do not want to leave any chance of attacking central government over demonetization. From road to parliament opposition is continuously trying to slam government. Since one month from the day of demonetization decision taken from Government, opposition party Congress and TMC are continuously opposing the decision with their full strength.
TMC President Mamata Bannerji and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi are continuously speaking against Government. They are trying to convince people of country that the decision is against the people of country. Like to tell you that on Thursday Mamata Bannerji hold the press conference and raised several questions against demonetization and against central government. She claimed that central government is only harassing innocent people and doing fraud. She said that the central government brought financial crisis in our country.

She also claimed that 90 people have died due to hardships following demonetization of high value notes. She further said that Prime Minister must clarify the situation to the nation and take entire responsibility for it. She attacked central government by saying that no black money has been recovered yet, only innocent people those who have white money being snatched and harassed.

She said, “People don't know what will happen tomorrow. He (PM) just doesn't respond, no reply. He only gives bhashans, not answers.” She further tried to slam PM by saying, “everything is done in huge secrecy, like PM is some Ali Baba. He should realise he is occupying a constitutional post.” She also said, “PM Modi thinks as if he is a tiger, and the only one who is right.”

On the other side hours before, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi also tried to slam central government. In a press meeting Rahul said that he is ready with his speech only waiting for BJP people to come  and then when he will speak everything will be disclosed.

As PM urged people to use more of digital mode of payment, Rahul Gandhi linked Paytm with “pay to modi”. He further said that PM Modi is acting just like a Hitler. Rahul further said that BJP and PM Modi are running from debate as they don’t have any explaination and any answer regarding decision made by demonetization.

In the same manner, each and every day since one month every opposition party is continuously trying to slam government and trying to force government for roll back over the decision.