Source: News Bharati English09 Dec 2016 14:18:42

New Delhi, December 9: Cyrus Mistry is continuously countering Ratan Tata and the decisions made by the board of directors to remove him from the company. Mistry on Thursday again attacked and said that a single person cannot run the whole organization therefore the group’s governance framework needs urgent repair.

Mistry said, "It is for you to decide if such nature and quality of governance is acceptable to you in the oversight of your Company's operations. Necessarily, the governance framework needs urgent repair. This cannot happen in isolation at the level of your company.”

"For the long-term interests of the Tata Group to be protected and for the interests of all stakeholders to be secured, Governance Reform is a must at the level of Tata Sons, and even more importantly, at the level of Tata Trusts," Mistry strictly said.

"The Tata Group is no one's personal fiefdom: it does not belong to any individual, not to the trustees of Tata Trusts, not to the Tata Sons directors, and not to the directors of the operating companies," Mistry said finally.

Like to tell you from the day Cyrus Mistry is been replaced by Ratan Tata. Cyrus Mistry is continuously fighting with the company and has asked several questions about his removal.