HUA announces new Masters Course in Conflict, Peace & Hindu Philosophy
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 09-Dec-2016

Orlando (Florida), Dec 9: The Hindu University of America (HUA) has announced a unique course ‘Master of Arts in Conflict, Peace and Hindu Philosophy’, starting January 2017.

According to HUA release, this new course is aimed at enriching the discipline of conflict and peace studies by providing a Hindu perspective.

The core belief of this course is, by becoming more inclusive and pluralistic, conflicts at various levels can be approached more creatively, an HUA statement said.

The HUA was established in 1989 to provide students of North America with a unique academic environment to explore many aspects encompassing human existence, derived from the system of knowledge and practices popularly known as Hinduism – Hindu thought, tradition and culture.

The word ‘Hindu’ in its name is used in a broad connotation as HUA strives to promote and present all that is authentically available to study under broad terms of Hindu, Vedic, Sanatana, Shaiva, Vaishnav, Buddha, Jain and Sikh traditions and schools of thoughts.

HUA’s primary purpose is to fulfil an ever increasing Western interest in Eastern philosophy and religion. The university presents this ancient body of knowledge in collaboration with the study of Hinduism’s influence on modern realms of natural and social sciences, politics, economics, education, the fine arts, literature, and more.

The proposed Master's Course - Conflict, Peace, and Hindu Philosophy - will have Mandatory courses: Introduction to Conflict and Peace Studies; Principles of Hinduism; Theory of Gandhian Conflict Resolution; and Research Methods in Conflict Resolution.

In addition, the students will be required to submit Master’s Project and Master’s Thesis as part of the complete course.

There are elective course options also. The elective course offered in any given year will vary. The elective courses are as follows:

Religion, Conflict and Peace: An Introduction; Yoga and International Peace; Mahatma Gandhi: Life and Philosophy; Mahatma Gandhi and Contemporary Global Issues; Sri Aurobindo, Conflict and Peace; An Introduction to Conflicts in South Asia; Kashmir Conflict: Dimensions and peace prospects; Factoring Gender in Conflict Resolution; Swami Vivekananda, Conflict and Peace; Negotiation; Culture and Conflict Resolution; Conflict Resolution - Focus on Case Study; Role of Institutions in Addressing Conflicts; Universal Themes in Hinduism; Gita: A Document of Conflict Resolution and Peace; Contemporary Hinduism and Conflict Resolution; Gandhi, King and Mandela; Hindu Scriptures on Conflict Resolutions; Media and Conflict; Conflict Resolution: A perspective from Buddhism; Conflict Resolution: A perspective from Jainism; Conflict Resolution: A perspective from Sikhism; and Conflicts in Contemporary India.

Additional information can be obtained by writing to [email protected] or [email protected]