Source: News Bharati English22 Feb 2016 15:44:10

Chennai, Feb 22: Tamil Nadu-based Hindu outfit ‘Hindu Makkal Katchi’ says it has sent a cheque for Rs. 1 lakh to Justice CS Karnan of the Madras High Court to help him travel to a country of his choice where there’s no caste system.

This after the Judge, a Dalit, had said on Monday, “I’m ashamed to have born in India. I want to move to a country without caste system. I’ve decided to give up my birth right.”

The comments came as he was restrained from hearing any cases by the Chief Justice of India TS Thakur. The order was in response to the High Court judge, in an unprecedented move, staying a transfer recommendation by the Chief Justice.

The Chief Justice had recommended the transfer of Justice Karnan to the Calcutta High Court. However, later the top court left it to the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court to decide on allocating any judicial or administrative assignments to Justice Karnan.

Arjun Sampath the Chief of the Hindu group said, “Judiciary is like a temple. He has vitiated it by saying there’s discrimination against Dalits. He can use this money for travel. We can give him more if he requires.”

Justice Karnan has triggered controversies in the past too alleging caste discrimination by other judges. Once he had barged into a court hall where the Division Bench was hearing a case and made as what the court called “uncharitable protest”.

He had raised also questions on appointment of judges.