Dear proud Patrons of #JNUAfzal gang; You owe an explanation to the Nation !
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 24-Feb-2016

Mumbai, February 24: “Bharat Tere Tukade honge” is the latest scream of the defenders of Human Rights and Free speech yelled at the JNU, the university campus named after India’s great secular Jawaharlal Nehru. The agents of Kashmir liberation have managed to gather a favourable count for them by repeatedly using the term of right to free speech and that the Hindu nationalism is trying to curb their inner feeling. Their latest battle cry is not #Intolerance, it is a high voltage expression of their inner voice: “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge... InshaAllah InshaAllah” (meanwhile ‘InshaAllah’ [if Allah wills It.] is a word to balance the meter of the screams, though it resembles to Islamic chanting patterns, it doesn’t have any religious reference when it is yelled at JNU, don’t dare, you Bhakts!)

Isn’t this a direct threat to national security?

Isn’t this a direct provocation to those forces like Maoists and Islamic terror outfits who want see a broken India?

Isn’t this a nurturing of anti-India sentiments pampered with thousands of patriotic tax payers money?

And isn’t this an insult of freedom fighters and the brave heart martyrs who feel proud to die for Bharat Mata without thinking of their dear ones?

Then who are those who support the slogans like – “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge... InshaAllah InshaAllah” (India, you will be rip apart) and “Bharat ki barbadi tak jung Chalegi Jung Chalegi”(The struggle until India’s devastation” and why are they supporting this anti India campaign? Are they part of this campaign? Do they know that the own an explaination to the nation for this unholy patronage oif anti-India voices?

While talking about Freedom to Speech of the students who are charged with Sedition, why those entities not speaking about their slogans and its meaning? C’mon the Patrons of ‘Bharat Tere Tukaday honge’ gang; tell us why you support those Anti-India slogans? And how you justify those seditious voices in any university campus?

Let’s watch & listen

When the video showing Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students chanting anti-India slogans goes viral on social media, the Patrons of anti-nationalists are now busy spreading the lies that the videos are fake.

In recent two decades, India has seen a particular section of Indian media comprising of some Leftists, secularists and (self-proclaimed) liberals and a set of Human rights defenders has always worked for the voice of “Breaking of India”, a voice which needed a platform and support to cater their divine cause. Any attempt to develop the nation, freed from Her Majesty in 1947 and left to ruin in hands of Desis like Gandhi and Patel, was curbed with full throttle attack to restore a ‘secular and liberal’ fabric of this multi racial continent called ‘India’.

The attempts to destabilize India were and are being well guarded with a theory of “Right to Free speech” being used as a tool to shield pro-terrorist, pro-Maoist, pro-separatist voices.

Now, Umar Khalid, the blue eyed boy and a neo-leader of the entire Secular bandwagon, is challenging the Indian constitution by organising ‘cultural events’ in the name of paying tributes to Parliament attack mastermind terrorist Afzal Guru. He justifies the heckling and yelling of “Pakistan Jindabaad”, “Ladkar Lenge Azadi” “Kitne Afzal Maroge; Har ghar se Afzal niklega”, Bharat ki barbadi tak, jung rahegi jung rahegi'... etc etc and he gets immediate patronage by those who find it a best possible opportunity to vilify Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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The political rivalry of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, Aam Adami Party, Arvind Kejriwal, Rajdeep sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt has transformed into an anti-national patronage knowingly or unknowingly.

In TV debates Umar Khalid justifies the anti-Indian shouting and slogans and alleges Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Modi government for a new term ‘RSS-Government’ nexus against the Freedom of speech.

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Prashant Bhushan, the erstwhile AAP leader and current rival of his comrade Kejriwal has termed the JNURow as an attack on the freethinking tradition of the JNU. Addressing the agitating students at JNU, Bhushan tries to portray a picture that those who oppose government plans and policies are booked under sedition charges. The assault on JNU has made it clear that Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi, HM Rajnath and top brass of BJP involved in the assault on JNU, says Bhushan who himself is a strong advocate of Kashmir separatists.

On the other hand India’s proud anarchist sole AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal carries the line of his one time confidant Bhushan saying that says being opposed to BJP, RSS is biggest crime now. “Centre’s new IPC- it’s not a crime to murder, rape or beat anyone if u r from BJP. Being opposed to BJP n RSS is biggest crime now,” Kejriwal wrote on Twitter. Without wasting a single opportunity to create a maleficent image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Narendra Modi, BJP and RSS by Arvind Kejriwal is patronising the anti-national for his mere political bargain.

Same case is of the scion of Congress Party. Inactive in Parliament and mostly out of India for sabbaticals, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi appears at the protest marches to criticise Modi and his government. Rahul participated in dharna to protest against Rohit Vemula’s death and held a day-long fast. Rahul’s fast started after breakfast and ewnded before lunch on that day. He compared Gandhi ji’s death with Rohit Vemula’s suicide.

Rahul Gandhi accused NDA government of "suppressing" students' voice as he visited the JNU campus to express solidarity with them, a day after the arrest of its students' union president Kanhaiya Kumar in a sedition case.

The Congress Vice President, who had yesterday accused the Modi government of "bullying" the institution, scaled up the attack saying "most anti-national are people, who are suppressing the voice of students in this institution".

Let’s see to whom Rahul Gandhi met and which was his preferred social engagements.

Let’s start from the most recent Pathankot attack. Despite condemning militants, the Congress party Vice President condemned Indian security forces saying that Indian government mishandled the Pathankot attack. In a desperate attempt to make politics on terror attack, Rahul Gandhi criticised NSA Ajit Doval saying that "The best experts on dealing with terrorism, foreign policy are not being consulted. NSA is dealing (with the attack) directly. His job is strategy, not tactics which is the job of NSG. But Rahul never visited home of any martyr from Pathankot attack to the martyrs who died fighting the terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir's Pampore.

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He might not remember the names of India’s martyrs; from Col Niranjan to Captain Tushar Mahajan, but Rahul is chanting names of Rohith Vemula, Umar Khalid and Kanhaiyya Kumar...just to gain a slice of political gain, if any?

In spite of that the Congress Party leader is provoking the provoked.

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The Congress Party also has given its verdict on the JNU Row. After a meeting of Congress working committee on Tuesday, senior party leader Anand Sharma steered clear of supporting five JNU students, including Umar Khalid, who the police have been looking for in connection with a sedition case.

The Congress leader gave a clear verdict that- “They surfaced on campus on Sunday, saying they did not do anything wrong but were "framed" using "doctored video”. He also said that "The case of sedition seems untenable as far as the JNU Students' Union president Kanhaiya Kumar is concerned. But when it comes to others, it is for investigation agencies to judge whether their acts fall under the provisions of sedition act," said Sharma.

One leaders of ousted Communist Party of India rushed to the JNU. Not to support the Anti India cause, it was to save their outshouting kids who were wauling in protest of Afzal hanging and to support the separatists’ cause of Azadi.

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CPI general secretary D. Raja's daughter Aparajita is among 20 suspect students reportedly identified by Delhi police for shouting anti-India slogans.

For the Communists, the Congress party was their ideology lender. The Congress never objected anti national stances of the Communists. But after May 2014, the Communists and Leftists in India have feeling marginalised. Earlier they lost their solitary grounds from West Bengal and Kerala and now their breeding dens like JNU are in the public eye. The communists are losing the sand beneath their feet. The Modi government has pressed the tails of all anti-india activism by blocking their foreign donations. This starvation is opening mouth in form of patronising the anti national elements in JNU.

On Tuesday, Maharashtra Police's have revealed that some JNU students have joined Maoist camps. The Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Nagpur Range, Ravindra Kadam, has told a news agency that, a few students of the university had joined the underground Maoist cadre at the behest of arrested Delhi University (DU) professor GN Saibaba, currently lodged in Nagpur jail.

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The Maharashtra Police have also said those students who joined the Maoists in their anti-state struggle were members of the Democratic Students' Union (DSU), the same students' body Umar Khalid, who the Delhi police want to question in relation to the Afzal Guru show case, had once been associated with.

On the other hand, Marxist Sitaram Yechury who is the Chief of CPI (M) reacted to the stringent action taken by Delhi Police against the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University. “What is happening in JNU? Police on campus, arrests and picking up students from hostels. This last happened during Emergency,” Yechury said. But showing their true anti-India character, the CPI has not uttered a single word about slogans like the “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Bharat tere Tukde honge”.

Meanwhile the U-turn fame Aam Adami party leader Arvind Kejriwal has shown some recent tricks. Kejriwal and his AAP party condemned the government, the Police for being anti-student.

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Their delegation even met President to aware him about the JNU incident and Modi suppressing students’ voice. No information about what actually they conveyed and if the anti-Indian slogans were also reported. But now as a usual Kejriwal style, AAP chief asks whether the Modi Sarkar has successful to arrest those who gave anti-India slogans.

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For a particular section of Media in India, it has been no longer that easy when it was before May 2014. Much has been talked about the favours that a particular media persons’ group enjoyed by obliging themselves by a particular political party. Some names come when it comes to their direct personal rivalry towards Prime Minister Modi and ideological rivalry towards the RSS.

Rajdeep Sardesai has never hid his anti Modi stand. Being a journalist, he always expressed his anti Modi chants (rather rants) on and off air. After 10 years of 2002 Gujarat riots, Sardesai went to Gujarat to listen the plight of Muslims. All that the Muslims in Godhra told him was, they have forgotten the sorrowful past and marching forward on the path of development.

Now, taking the sedition charges on the JNU agitators personally, Sardesai lauded that I am proud to be ‘anti-national’.

“Yes, I am anti-national because while I am discomfited by the slogan shouting at JNU in support of Parliament terror convict Afzal Guru, I do not see it as an act of sedition, says Sardesai. He discards the Video evidences of JNU protests. “The sketchy video evidence made available shows the ‘students’ (we still don’t know if all of them were, indeed, students) shouting slogans like ‘Bharat kee barbaadi’, and hailing Afzal’s ‘martyrdom’”.

The same journalist has shown ample of videos with a free commentary of Teesta Setalvad to haunt Narendra Modi for 10 years. His tossing away of the video evidences has put his own credibility as a Journalist, at a stake.

Some words for actual concept of Freedom of speech

The Constitution of India Article 19(1)(a) makes the “right to freedom of speech and expression” a fundamental right. But it is not an absolute right; there are qualifiers.

The First Amendment to the Constitution, made on June 18, 1951, states that “interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the state, friendly relations with Foreign States, public order, decency or morality or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence” will be paramount and freedom of expression will not be unconditional.

The voice of dissent can never and should never be termed as sedition. The political rivals have their voice in every democracy. That’s why any kind of politically motivated criticism should be welcomed and listened. India has seen many political battles and exchange of bitter words which could harm personal relations.

The solicitors of the anti national slogans like -

“Bharat Tere Tukde Honge... InshaAllah InshaAllah –
India, you will get cut in pieces, if Allah wills It.  

Bharat ki barbadi tak, jang rahegi, jang rahegi -
We'll fight till India is destroyed

Kashmir ki azadi tak jung rahegi...

Afzal hum sharminda hain, tere qatil zinda hain..

Tum kitney Afzal maroge, har ghar mein Afzal niklega     -
How many Afzals you will kill? each home will produce one Afzal!

Can create a confusing atmosphere and prove the elements like Umar Khalid a great patriot but the question will remain about their pure instinct to destabilise the Nation.

Their underground jihadi, maoist antinational network has a power or a visible will to create more brains which can be a ready force for all anti national activities; whether they are spreading hate or actually killing common Indians. The discordant gang of ‘Bharat Tere Tukaday honge’ patrons must think of this first.

With the uprising of #JNURow, the veiled faces of the discordant gang of patrons of ‘Bharat Tere Tukaday honge’ ideology have become visible to the nation. For a common Indian it is now much easier to decide whom to trust and whom to discard. More than that the Patrons of those anti-nationalists owe an explanation to the thousands of patriot Indian who are now on a wait and watch mode, it will be interesting to see the scene when they change their gear!