Source: News Bharati English15 Mar 2016 13:53:59

Itanagar, March 15: To improve law and order situation in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the state government is aiming at attracting outside investments by enacting measures and by fast-tracking infrastructure projects, said Chief Minister Kalikho Pul on Sunday. Speaking to public and panchayat delegates from Tezu-Sunpura constituency, the Pul said that for past many years, the image of the state had taken serious turn affecting the confidence of the investors.

“We have to generate an impression that Arunachal is safe to do business,” said Pul. “We must conduct ourselves in a way to boost investor’s confidence by enabling peace in our region. In the past, companies have been reportedly harassed in the name of donations, issuing threats for works etc.”
Appealing the people for cooperation, the chief minister said, “Peace is prerequisite for development. In bringing peace, people must cooperate with the authority in maintaining law and order. Don’t encourage crimes by sheltering criminals in the name of relatives or community. Also people must keep a sense of responsibility to report any crime in their locality for the authority to take prompt action to prevent further damages.”

Spelling out priority areas of development to take along the investors, the chief minister said, “We will provide all institutional support and legislative backing to attract investments. Also we will carry along all the stakeholders, all the democratic institutions and also reach out to oppositions.”

“We welcome suggestions, feedbacks and also constructive criticisms. We have made available our priorities and activities through all mediums using newspapers, electronic media and social media,” Pul said.

Identifying Lohit-Anjaw-Namsai belt as the potential areas for investment, the chief minister said improved road connectivity in the region and a railway line upto Parashuram kund are in the offing. He said a railroad in the region will facilitate the much needed direct trade-link with the rest of the country, news agency The Arunachal Times reported.

“Our farmers are always at the mercy of middle men who take away huge profit. Now with opening of railroads, farmers can sell their product directly to the major cities of India,” said Pul with the hope that farmers will be hugely benefitted. However, to reap the benefits of development, the chief minister said “People have to make way for development to come. For development, we require land and unless people are ready to part with it, the process of development cannot speed up.”

Another key area, the chief minister focused on was to maintain inter-community and inter-state harmony. Acknowledging it as priority for the region, Pul earnestly appealed the people to find ways of community discourses and practices that will support peace-building endeavours. “One of my priorities is to build a better relation with our neighbouring Assam and to bring out amicable solution to the boundary issue. So in trying to reach out to them, I have engaged several high officials from that state in Arunachal,” the chief minister disclosed.