Source: News Bharati English20 Mar 2016 18:48:36

Itanagar, March 20:  Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Kalikho Pul appealed the community based organizations (CBO) in the state to work together in building harmony and to generate sense of belongingness. “While the community based organizations are committed to work in the interest of their own people, they also must help to resolve differences between the communities,” he said while speaking to the members of Adi Baane Kebang (ABK), who had called him.Pul appealed them to play pro-active role in bringing unity among the people of Arunachal and help government in preventing crimes, resolving crisis and in maintaining law and order, news agency The Arunachal Times reported.

“ABK is a discipline, mature and well organized body, which has always maintained its sanctity,” said the chief minister and appreciated ABK for its high standard of conduct.

“Anjaw district has one of the lowest crime figures. This has been achieved by strictly dealing with the law breakers without any patronage or support for them,” said Pul.

Terming the differences based on clans and communities as the major obstacles in preventing crimes, he said “the state has adequate police force and resources to check crimes. But what we lack is the political will and the will to rise above our differences.”

Affirming to stand strong for a united Arunachal, the chief minister appealed various organizations and forums in the state not to involve government in creating differences based on religion, regions and tribe-wise. Also appealing not to patronize the law breakers, the chief minister said “the law breakers should be made to realize that only place for them is the jail.”