Source: News Bharati English21 Mar 2016 15:43:27

Jamshoro, March 21: With the onset of spring, the festival of colours Holi is about to come; only this time the colours are being spread across boundaries. Team Progressive Human Foundation organized an event of Holi today at its Head Office at Mirpurkhas, Sindh where people from different districts were invited to celebrate the colors day.  

Progressive Human Foundation also invited lawyers and civil society members from Muslim community to join the event and show unity with Hindus of Pakistan. It was wonderful participation by Muslims in the event who praised the event and organizers. 
Wishan Das Kolhi, General Manager PH Foundation said that this event has refreshed all the participants; he said such cultural and religious events must be organized and all people should be invited in each other’s events so that the society grows and become stronger. He said that interfaith harmony is very much important in today’s world and such events leads us towards peace.  

Wishan said, “it is a very good to see that Pakistan government has passed a bill for public holiday on all religious events of Hindus and Christians; this way people will become familiar with each other’s religious eves”.

Navoo and active member of PH Foundation spoke to the event and said that she is very happy to join the event. She told that she remembers the moments when last year team PH Foundation organized the same event with villagers at Comrade Heeralal Pahari in Jamshoro where all the villagers were very happy to share the moment and had dance with us of Holi.

Advocate Tarique Bajwa a participant speaking the event said that Hindus are the largest minority of Pakistan and they have equal rights as the other citizens of Pakistan. He said Hindus are all our brothers and we Muslims participate in their events and invite them in ours too so that the bond of love keeps on strengthening instead of becoming weaker.

Radha Bheel, a participant to the events sharing her point said that Dalits suffer with a lot of problems in Sindh and organizing such events to share beautiful moments is a great work. She admired the effort by team PH Foundation.