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New Delhi, March 23: India is going to supply 100MW electricity from Palatana plant of Tripura to Bangladesh and from Bangladesh 10 Gbps internet is going to be served for Tripura. The two memorandums got inaugurated by Prime Ministers of both the countries over a video conference meeting.  

'Jal, Thal, Nabh', India and Bangladesh are connected now with all three, said PM Modi. “Opening this gateway to the East is very important. It will create new digital awakening among youth”, he added. 
Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd (TSECL) and its Bangladesh counterpart have already made the necessary arrangement to ensure uninterrupted supply of 100 MW power. The exact schedule of inauguration of transmission has not yet been informed to us but we are told to prepare for the date to inaugurate the power supply, said Chairman cum Managing Director Shyamal Roy.  

India and Bangladesh have signed MoU regarding price of Palatana power at 8 American cents per unit, which is Rs 5.50. It was scheduled to start the export from December 16, 2015 but got delayed due to dispute over fixation of prices. Power Grid Corporation of India has already completed Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) on the top of the 17.2 km transmission line.  Embeded Object

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“India & Bangladesh are setting an example for relations between neighbors. This is a historic occasion when two PMs with a CM are dedicating two projects”, said PM Modi. CM Tripura Sarkar described the two projects as symbols of friendship and brotherhood between the two countries.

PGCIL has erected 20 km of transmission lines in Indian side from Suryamaninagar grid of Tripura while the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) has completed 27 km of transmission line across the border up to Comilla.  Embeded Object

Embeded ObjectAt present India is selling 500 MW power to Bangladesh from Baharampur in West Bengal. Of this 250 MW is going from government owned projects for which Bangladesh is paying Rs 4.50 cent per unit and rest 250 MW has been sold by private companies which cost Rs 5.50 cent per unit.

PM modi even congratualated the T20 World Cup teams about the upcoming match that will be held in Bengaluru today. He said,“Today we are celebrating Holi. May the colours of Holi also animate India Bangladesh relations”. Leasing of international bandwidth for internet at Akhaura to Agartala will allow people of Tripura to avail more reliable net connectivity.