Congress responsible for partition deaths, refugees: Indresh Kumar
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 29-Mar-2016

Kaithal (Haryana), Mar 29: “The Congress party is responsible for the death of 10 lakh innocent people besides three crore others who were uprooted from their homes and hearths in the mindless violence during the days of partition of India. The Congress cannot shy away from its  responsibility towards this hapless victims fo partition violence. The Congress did not sign the treatise for independence of India but endorsed the document of partition”, said senior RSS functionary and Patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) Indresh Kumar.

Addressing a gathering here at RKSD College on the occasion of ‘Sadbhavana Sangoshthi” organized by Samajik Samarasata Manch, Indresh Kumar said that India was first partitioned and then became independent while the people were in favour of total independence. He alleged that the Congress did not rehabilitate those 3 crore refugee families who were uprooted from their homes and hearths. It was the RSS that accomplished this difficult task, he added.

He said that the Congress does not have any moral authority to point an accusing finger at the RSS. They must think for a thousand times before doing so. They are the real opponents of democracy, he said.

The MRM Patron said those who adored terrorist like Afzal Guru are demons. They are anti-humanity and anti-democracy. We must understand the truth and those who speak truth. We must rise above the narrow feelings of case, sub-castes, sects and subsects and think of India as our nation, he added.

In an oblique reference to those who opposed ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, Indresh Kumar said that such leaders lack in the proper knowledge and understanding of languages. They are the most fundamentalists and violent people who do not harbour scant respect and love for humanity. Fundamentalism and violence never offer solution to any problem; he said adding that those who speak in this language always divide the society.

Indresh Kumar appealed the audience to understand our history in the right perspective. He asked them to help the poor, deprived and exploited people. Appealing the audience to think with harmony and goodwill for others, he said that those who do not do so and insult the gods and goddesses are demons in human form.  

In view of the large gathering scheduled on April 3 at Rohtak, Indresh Kumar said that we need to contact all people living in slums and bungalows with love and affection. He appealed to all the party workers to think positively and spread positive thoughts in their surroundings. Tell the people about good works that are being done, he said.

Commenting on the present atmosphere in the country Indresh Kumar said that we can overcome the powers aimed at breaking the country by marching towards our cherished goal. Referring to massive violence that rocked Haryana in the recent past he asked people to refrain from indulging in violence while pushing for their demands. Violence in any form cannot be justified however just the demands are, he said. He said that the youth today is educated and full of energy, and willing to do something for the state and the country.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion scientist Ishwar Kundu said that we must come forward to unite the society. We must give better education to our children. Social worker Veerbhan Saini urged the people to organise themselves to work for the betterment of society and nation. The proceedings of the program were conducted by Prof. Premchand Mittal.