Source: News Bharati English12 Apr 2016 10:46:20

Kuala Lumpur, Apr 12: Hindraf Makkal Sakthi, the human rights NGO whose constituency is the poor and stateless besides freedom of religion, warned the authorities concerned that cancelling a Zakir Naik (Dr) event organized for April 17 alone would not be sufficient. “The banned preacher Zakir Naik was already in Malaysia and apparently his series of lectures is in progress.”

Hindraf Chairman P. Waythamoorthy added that his movement wants Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to take advice from the police and the intelligence provided. “He should immediately revoke Zakir Naik’s visa and deport him.”

“The Home Ministry should blacklist him to impose a permanent ban on this so called the religious preacher.”

The Hindraf Chairman was commenting on media reports of a tweet from Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar confirming that the event organized for the preacher Zakir Naik on April 17 at Dewan Besar UTeM, “Similarities between Hinduism and Islam”, has been called off by the police on the grounds of public order and sensitivities of the multi-religious groups in the country.

The fact that the IGP has confirmed that Zakir Naik was a threat to public order follows that he was equally a threat to national security too, argued Waytha. “He was capable of inciting religious and racial hatred among the various races in this country.”

“There should no longer be any excuses to allow Zakir Naik to continue his speeches in the country. We cherish peace and stability.”

 The Home Minister and the IGP have failed to scrutinize Zakir Naik’s speeches delivered worldwide, lamented Waytha. “They are easily available on YouTube.”

“He has a reputation worldwide as a person who tacitly and openly condones acts of violence and terrorism and yet Malaysia has issued him a visa to enter the country and preach havoc.”

His lecture tour should have been rejected ab initio rather than allowing public outcry to cancel just one single programme, continued Waytha. “We urge the Home Minister and the IGP to be more responsible and take into account national interest and national security first.”

“The reputation of Malaysia would be further tarnished if it condones, supports and harbours the hate lectures of this individual.”

In urging the authorities concerned to take its views on Zakir Naik seriously, Waytha appended two cases on the hate preacher who was already on the list of 16 similar individuals banned from preaching in Malaysia.