Indian Hockey Team donate Rs 10 lakhs for drought hit Maharashtra
 Source : Social Media  Date : 14-Apr-2016

Mumbai, April 14: To provide some aid to the draught hit region of Maharashtra, Indian Hockey Team donated Rs 10 lakhs to Chief Minister Devendra Fadanavis. Amid Bombay High Court’s verdict over shifting of IPL match from Mumbai after 30th April the concern has grown among people.  

The drought that has struck Marathwada and Vidarbha has left many families in the rural regions in a miserable state. There is not enough drinking water for people there and the farmers in the region have been adversely impacted by the drought that has destroyed most of the crops.  
“We are optimistic because of the latest forecast by IMD, but still prepared for any situation including cloud seeding. Our government is completely focussing on our efforts to bring relief in the drought hit districts till the monsoon arrives”, said CM  Fadanavis.

Even the central government is making no stone upturn to help the villagers, 10 wagon train carrying 5 lakh liter water from Kota was delivered to Latur to quench people’s thirst. “New tourism policy, houses to mill workers, scheme for rural roads, increase in non creamy layer limit to 6 lakh, etc are key take aways”, he added.

"This is a heart-wrenching tragedy that has befallen Maharashtra, we just want to fulfill our responsibility to bring relief to the farmers of the state in every way possible," Secretary General Mushtaque Ahmad said.

"This is the time when everyone should step up and extend full support to our fellow citizens in this calamity." CEO Elena Norman said, "There has been considerable loss to the farmers’ community. Our contribution is a small gesture of support to help them recover."