Now e-NAM to connect 585 wholesale markets for agricultural products
 Source : Social Media  Date : 14-Apr-2016

New Delhi, April 14: NDA government has always empowered farmers with the strengths of digital medium. In yet another e-NAM initiative PM Modi claimed it as a turning point for the agricultural industry.  

It’s an online national agricultural products market platform that will integrate 585 wholesale markets across India. “We are looking at opportunities we previously didn't. e-NAM will enable farmers to decide where,when & at what price their production will be sold, will empower them”.  
PM Modi speaking at inauguration of e-trading platform for the National Agriculture Market which will work in 21 mandis from 8 States have joined said this initiative will usher in transparency which will greatly benefit the farmers.

PM Modi said, “This is a turning point for the agriculture community. He said the agriculture sector has to be looked at holistically, and it is only then that maximum benefit of the farmer can be ensured”. 

Prime Minister explained to the farmers, various initiatives that have been taken, and what more can be done to raise agricultural incomes. Embeded Object

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“It is a scheme which will not only benefit farmers but also the consumers & other stakeholders”, PM  Modi.

“Earlier farmers used to get to know fate of their crops only after reaching Mandis. This is an arrangement which enables farmers to know fate of their crops, production even before they load it on a tractor or cart”, PM Modi