Source: News Bharati English21 Apr 2016 15:32:32

California, April 21:  As Google is pushing hard to get into grip of Television commercial industry, they have come up with an exciting addition to their software ‘Google Search’.

Google Search will have live TV listings so when anyone is looking for a movie or show, it will tell them when it will be available on cable that's in addition to the various online rentals and streaming services it already lists. 
At the National Association of Broadcasters conference, Google announced that its adding a new feature to Google Search i.e. air times for TV shows.  

So for example if someone is looking for The Big Bang Theory, Google will not only show you the apps and sites where you can find the latest episode, but also show which channel you can turn your TV to later in the evening or week to catch it live.

“There are now more ways to watch your favorite TV shows than ever before. This shift has some even saying that we’re in the “golden age” of television. And what we're seeing is that more and more, viewers are turning to their phones to find out what to watch, where to watch it and when it’s available in fact, searches for TV shows and films on mobile have grown more than 55% in the past year alone” said Google.  

Google says that DoubleClick, its ad platform, is getting better at targeting specific demographics on both live and on-demand TV.   

It's also automating some of the work in choosing which ads air during breaks, "so two automotive ads don’t appear in the same commercial break and other rules like making sure an alcohol and children's cereal ad don’t appear in the same commercial break."