Source: News Bharati English21 Apr 2016 15:59:31

Shillong, April 21: To curb the menace of child and woman trafficking in the Northeastern states, Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi who was on a two day visit to Shillong said that the government has outlined a four-fold strategy to solve this issue. Addressing a meet of the Regional Conference of Northeastern States on Child Adoption, Maneka Gandhi said that railways are the main vehicles of trafficking and trains originating and passing through Guwahati, Sealdah and Jalpaiguri railway stations would be monitored.The Minister added that trains to and from Guwahati-Sealdah-Jalpaiguri stations would have posters, with three phone numbers to contact railway police and a childline would be available to report any suspicious movement of children and women. The Union Mininster informed, that an enormous number of children and women are being trafficked from Northeastern States, who are further being trafficked to countries like Malaysia, Thailand.

Outlining the four pronged strategy, Gandhi said that other than the railways the Centre would issue guidelines to all States to appoint one Woman Speciall Police Officer whose role would be to monitor children and women and report any missing cases or abuses. Gandhi added that government has envisaged introduction of ‘panic button’ integrated in all mobile phones.

On using the button during times of threat, an SOS would be sent to the nearest police station and also ten people close to the potential victim. Gandhi said that the government is in talks with mobile companies and both new and old cell phones would soon be having these panic buttons.

Maneka further informed that a new website has been launched where one can see details of all the missing children, upload pictures of missing children or of a child on the street or at any place if it looks suspicion of trafficking is suspected. She added that the measures, if properly implemented can save a lot of women and children.