Source: Agencies09 Apr 2016 16:18:09

New Delhi, April 9: Government will provide Rs. 36.6 crore to Nepal for water management including projects to control river erosion. Irrigation Minister Umesh Yadav and Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Ranjit Rae, exchanged letters in this regard at a programme organised at the Irrigation Ministry on Wednesday.

The government of India provided the grant as per the 10th meeting of the Nepal-India Joint Committee on Inundation and Flood Control.  The grant would be spent in controlling Lalbakaiya, Bagmati and Kamala rivers. Before this, India had provided Rs 423 crore grant for construction of embankment at the three rivers. 

Speaking about the utilisation of the grant assistance at a programme in the Delhi on Saturday, Minister Yadav said that the money would be utilised in controlling rivers in the Tarai Madhes. 

He said that other rivers running towards India through Nepali territory would also be controlled with the grant aid. Minister Yadav expressed hope that the Indian government could lend monetary support to control other rivers as well, while stressing on the need for mutual cooperation between Nepal and India for effective management and utilisation of water resources for the welfare of the citizens of both the countries. 
Irrigation secretary Anup Kumar Upadhyay pointed out the need for both Nepal and India to work together for the broader utilisation of rivers while minimising flood-induced natural disasters. 

Saying that Indian's assistance to controlling rivers of Nepal is exemplary, director general at the Water-Induced Disaster Control Department, Niranjan Dev Pandey said that additional assistance from India is expected in this regard in the coming days. 

Likewise, saying that Indian government continues assistance to the economic and social development of Nepal, Indian ambassador to Nepal Rae assured that India would provide additional aid to control rivers of Nepal.