Twenty-nine Indian nationals evacuated from Libya; will reach Kerala on Thursday
 Source : Agencies  Date : 10-May-2016

Tripoli, May 10: Twenty-nine Indian people have been evacuated from Libya and will reach Kerala on May 12. These people belong to six families from Kerala and three from Tamil Nadu.“These families include infants. They will travel from Tripoli to Istanbul and will land in Kochi via Dubai at 8.30 am on Thursday,” an official from Kerala Chief Minister’s office said.
Several of those evacuated were working in Zawiya Hospital in Libya’s Sabratha city. After the death of a Kerala nurse and her son in shelling at their house in Sabratha in March, relatives of those working in Libya had been demanding evacuation.

The Kerala government has appreciated support from External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s office for the evacuation. Libya is facing civil war conflicts among different group and also attack from Terror outfit ISIS.