Source: News Bharati English22 May 2016 15:51:22

Itanagar, May 22: Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju has informed that plan for the frontier highway to connect border villages in Arunachal Pradesh is progressing satisfactorily. “Defence ministry had raised some concern over initial route proposed by us. Accordingly route has been altered. As per new route, frontier highway will not touch Mago and from Tawang it will follow existing highway till Dirang.
From there it will pass through Nafra, Lada and enter Sarli. It will culminate at Vijoynagar. The new route has been cleared by Defence ministry and MHA. The file is now with cabinet secretariat and am hoping that soon it will get clearance,” he said while talking to this reporter.

On being asked about east-west corridor road project to connect foothill areas of Arunachal, Rijiju informed that there is some issues regarding funding agency and assured that it will soon be sorted out.The minister further said that fund flow to Arunachal has increased tremendously (by 2/3rd) in the last few months as he asked the state govt to use it judiciously. Rijiju said that fund flow will further increase in coming days. “I can assure that fund will never be a problem. But, I am worried about its use at state level,” said MoS Home.

He called up on state government to concentrate in health, education and road sectors. “Our health sector is deteriorating. Every day hundreds of patient come to Delhi for medical treatment. Many of them come to me and seek financial help to the tune of lakhs of rupees. It is virtually impossible for me to give lakhs of rupees to every patient. I feel very sad when I am not able to help because that money can really save the lives of patient. Therefore, we need to revamp health sector, so that our people get best health care facilities at home,” added Rijiju. He also informed that central government is giving enough budgetary support in education and health sectors to the state government.

He also called for ending donation culture in the state. “If people start asking donation from the leaders, how can they expect them to concentrate in development? In no other state, people ask donation as much as it happens in Arunachal. Donation culture is getting out of control. This will only hamper future of state,” added Rijiju.

He also expressed concern over how people carry official file to central government offices. “General public to elected representatives carry official government files including DPR and run around in Delhi. This is really bad and is giving bad name to Arunachal,” said Rijiju.

Further MoS Home appealed to the people of state to extend support in his endeavour. “As a public figure we are always under scrutiny. But some of the criticism heaped on me in recent days is unfair. As a minister in the union government, I have to take care of every Indian. As a member of Parliament from Arunachal, I become voice of the Arunachalee at centre. It’s not my duty to run the local administration. For this there is a state government and people should hold them accountable. It’s unfair to blame every fault on me,” said Rijiju.

He also stated that his progress at national level will benefit the state. “Today, I am getting recognized across India as MP from Arunachal. If I grow as a national leader, the whole state will benefit. But for this I need the constant support of the citizens,” added Rijiju.